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President Mongol National Organization

  Sub:   Sabnam Chamling Rai report does not represent indigenous Mongol peoples of Nepal. It represents migrated gypsy peoples (adivasi janjati)Miss Sabnam Chamling Rai a representative of United Nation Human Rights to propose Human rights of indigenous peoples of Nepal. Anaya reached in Nepal on Nov 23/08. He was surrounded not only by migrated gypsy peoples who have been cheating since 1994 in the name of indigenous peoples of Nepal but also UNO. It has been easy them to cheat because of hindu rulers and administrator in all most all key posts in govt service and foreigners run organizations. James Anaya did not give time to meet MNO and to have a dialogue. This visit to Nepal with whom to dialogue ? with gypsy cheater folk or indigenous or aboriginal peoples of Nepal ? I strongly and absolutely condem his report because it does not represent indigenous. Nepal has always violated Human Rights because the rulers are Indo-aryan or hindu-aryan. Their Human Rights are like tooth and tusk of the elephant. They always kept indigenous (mulbasi) peoples in pitch dark and spread false report outside world.There is no Human Rights in Nepal for indigenous (mulbasi) Mongol Peoples. Even in interim constitution of Nepali edition mulbasi (indigenous) has not written. There is written Adibasi Janjati. Adibasi Janjati means migrated gypsy peoples but not mulbasi or indigenous. Mulbasi or indigenous does not mean migrated gypsy people, the out lander Indo-aryan (hindu ruler) want to make us gypsy or countryless.In present interim constitution also is written in favour of 20% hindus and cheating indigenous mongol peoples/Mongol National Organisation will not put up with this suppression in near future. We have tolerated the loot of hindu invader since 1495 AD. In hindu society janjati (gypsy) peoples are sole of A class hindu or bahun and they are untouchable in hindu society. We the indigenous mulbasi are not hindu like that of Budhist, Christian, Musliam, Sick & Jain.The so called national flag and dress are antinational and the cow is kept as a national animal. These symbolize anti mulbasi or indigenous mongol peoples. There are only 20% hindu aryan who are ruling this country giving false data, writing reports to foreigner. This heinous practice has been started 449 years ago. Mongol National Organization may take strong step against such conspiracy if necessary. MNO is only the organization in Nepal who represents 80% mulbasi or indigenous peoples of Nepal. MNO is still silence and peaceful solution. But it does not mean that Mongol National Organization is coward. Mongol Gorkhas have fought many war in the world and these people will not hesitate to fight a war against the invader Indo-aryan rulers in our own land. All the top leaders of all the political parties are Indo-aryan or hindu aryan.Another fact is that the DFID and many other ILO, NGO knowingly or unknowingly feteh maoist in the last election giving huge fund to pro Gynendra gypsy people and pro Gynendra communist. DFID has been mishandling indigenous peoples’ money in the name of indigenous. All most all migrated gypsy people are either pro communist or late King who are even in the Forum of Indigenous People of UNO run organizations. These cheaters visit to foreign country in the name of indigenous peoples. It has become easy them because they had enough fund and they were blessed by former monarchs and his govt. They received more than 5 billion rupees only from late monarch’s govt since 1994. The folks of gypsies first entered in present Nepal in 1559 AD as a porter and slaves of Ranas who ruled Nepal 104 years as from Chitour Rajastan, India. They entered as refugees while Akber attacked there. Shah dynasty also came to present Nepal from the same place while Alandin Khelji attacked Shah dynasty entered here in present Nepal in 1495 AD. The gypsy peoples who are cheating in the name of indigenous Mongol since started saying them migrated gypsies (migrated janjati) since 1990 AD (18 years ago). They are too loyal to Gynandra.Parsuram Tamang, Sitaram Tamang, Krishna Bdr Bhatachan, Om Gurung, Mahendra Lowati, Chaitanya Suba, Pasang Sherpa and many other are among the top leaders who are cheating in name of indigenous.Department For International Development (DFID) should not continue such illicitness. Non-hindu Mongol peoples are nations with in a nation and we are aboriginal or indigenous but not adibasi or janjati (migrated gypsy). In fact janjati (gypsy) will have no country and the out lander hindu ruler want to make indigenous or mulbasi mongol people as a gypsy and they want to became indigenous peoples. This vicious conspiracy of Indo-aryan is not new for us and we will not tolerate such heinous conspiracy against us and James Anayan’s false report misguide in the Human Rights of indigenous (mulbasi) mongol people then it invites restless situation in future. I have written to DFIF (Departmanet For International Development) in this to stop aid to non-indigenous on 18 Sept 08 hidden facts.I wonder while I came to know that the Human Rights Office in Nepal told us that they have not hear the name of Mongol National Organisation and they know only the name of Adivasi Janjati (migrated gypsy) people who are cheating and enjoying in the name of indigenous since 1994.

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